Thursday, May 12, 2005

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This afro hair should be a challenge alone to draw on the computer. I had the urge to draw it because of Jodie Landon, character of MTV´s Daria. I´ve been downloading Daria and I must admit I was afraid of not liking it again. Thankfully she alone is an unique character. Probably the strongest icon of sarcasm of animated programs. I´m on the end of the second season. It is a good show but the scripts are unstable. There are good, average, and weak episodes. Only 3 outstanding out of 23 til now: "Pinch Sitter", "The Misery Chick", and "Gifted". I pray that there is some kind of evolution of the relationships and personalities on the episodes to come. There is nothing worse than to be stuck on a stale loophole. Like the Simpsons.

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