Thursday, June 04, 2009

Izumo Fire Department

Recently I learned that one of the guys who posts at the forum I frequently drop by is married to a firefighter. How cool is that? While searching for a Japanese animations that feature firefighters to give as present to his wife, he was surprised to only find one: Megumi no Daigo.

This reminded me that back in 2004, the city of Izumo invited foreigners for a volunteer training in case of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or typhoon. Really fun day. Learned a lot thanks to the super nice firemen from Izumo.

Below is a demonstration of their special camera to search for victims below debris or any other hard-to-reach location.

I was impressed by these two buildings they use to train.

Never forgetting the basics, all volunteers had a chance to experience how to handle a chemical fire extinguisher. First time I actually used one.

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