Monday, June 06, 2005

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Hair based on Sheila from Mahou Shoujotai. I wonder if this title is Studio 4C´s necessary evil.

Saturday I watched "Is It College Yet?", TV movie that concludes Daria. I must confess that I expected more since the first movie, "Is It Fall Yet?," was great. I guess that when I think of a movie from a TV series I think big bucks which wasn´t the case in either.

It´s interesting to look at Daria and see the differences between American and Japanese animated series. I guess that while Japanese animation suffers from rigid schedules that need lots of planning, American cartoons suffer from the lack of it due to the necessity of immediate popularity response. I´ve seen lots of American live-action and animated series have their plugs pulled due to poor ratings, something kind of rare in Japan (the only I can remember is Dragon Quest). But on the other hand, once series survive the first seasons and networks enable a proper planning schedule, major improvements can be seen.

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