Sunday, August 28, 2005

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Olivia is going to Germany with her fiancée in September. Thurday, her dumb brother asked me to draw her, but made no specifications or deadlines. Friday afternoon he writes to me via messenger and says that he´d like to use the illustration Saturday. The drawing above is the best thing I could assemble through various photos on their fotologs. Call him today just to find out he wanted something made on Adobe Illustrator. How can he complain of bad clients if he is one of them? At least my caricature skills are getting better.

Update: Hahaha. I just discovered that only Olivia is going. When she saw the drawing her response was, "Wow! Great... but shouldn´t I be alone?" Lesson learned. Always demand good briefings.

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Scott said...

so... you like Cansei de ser sexy too

cool! I saw ur sketch-blog when i was looking for Bezzi pics,just to know his face,since love foxx says that he's incridible.

I like CSS too,what's ur favorite music?