Tuesday, August 23, 2005

People from bands I talked to during the Coquetel Molotov 2005.

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Fantastic presentation by M. Takara. I don´t know if what he used along a synthetizer was a 12-inch powerbook or ibook, but it was in the small Sala Cine UFPE that Hurtmold´s drum player really impressed me.

Update: According to Daniel, he used a powerbook. "Powerbooks are metallic gray, while i-books are plastic white."

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Lu Lins from Lulina. Lucky! I got the "Bolhas na Pleura" CD directly from her hands. Ultra charismatic and very original, it´s no wonder why she will always have guaranteed audience on her shows.

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Bárbara Jones from Rádio de Outono. Daniel Edmundson rapidly presented us. I missed the beginning of the show because they were all delayed a bit. The postponement confused me since it was the first day of the festival. It would be nice if five minutes before a band started playing, some kind of siren or sound announcement informed people on the lounge area. Not my style of music, but the crowd seemed to like the band a lot. Good mp3 available on their website though.

The shows I liked most were M. Takara, Lulina, Berg Sans Nipple, and The Kills.

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