Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dirty Pair: Project E.D.E.N.

While searching for Kei and Yuri in the 1987 movie, Mughi has several images displayed on his screen.

Some are of Crusher Joe, a title by the same original creator, Haruka Takachino.

Sci-fi FTW.

Initial design attempts of Kei and Yuri?

I have absolutely no idea to what these images refer to. Maybe the last one could be an initial design concept of Major Tanya from "The Final Weapon: Ash" Crusher Joe OVA. The problem is that the image above looks too young when compared to Tanya as seen below.

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Unknown said...

Hello Mr Inoue,
I really love your anime
"freeze frame" posts.

I think I can help you here:
the "Mughiscreen4.jpg"
is very likely to be
a photo of Haruka Takachiho
(Dirty Pair's creator),
Harukimo Mikimoto
or somebody else from Studio Nue,
because in that mangaka clique
(no negative innuendo here)
they were (and still are, I suppose)
very dedicated followers of motorcycling races:
they were in the audience and
on the motorbikes too.