Friday, January 02, 2009

World of Warcraft

For one year and a half I was a druid, a hunter, and a mage. It was a lot of fun, but on November 2007 I just had to quit. Is it addicting as everyone says it is? Yes. It is insanely fun and it is a phenomenon that is setting the standards for the future of online gaming. I'm fascinated by the whole culture that spawns around it. The comic strips and the videos are probably the best examples. The second expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, has recently been released. I was mildly tempted to play it, but the reminder of why I left kept me at bay. The three main reasons for my retirement from Azeroth: the grind, the farming, and the drama. Enough is enough. WoW feels a bit like soccer to me. I enjoy watching every now and then, but play? Naaah.

WoW is probably the closest thing to drug addiction I've ever experienced. Sometimes I do reminisce about it. Forces me to keep reminding myself why I left. Watching videos of the really good players helps to keep me exiled. I was an average player. Average healer, below the average dps. Watching extremely skilled players humbles me and shows how much dedication you need to really take the most out of each class. Faxmonkey (mage), laintime (warrior), Vurtne (mage), DrakeDog (warlock), and Dysphoria (hunter) pushed the game to the limit. My all time favorite videos are The World of Roguecraft series. Set to show how one class was unequally leveled compared to the others back when the level cap was still at 60, Mute (warlock) proved without a shadow of a doubt the unfair advantage possessed by rogues.

My main character, a female tauren resto druid, seen at Outland.

This was the interface back in 2007 with a few mods I installed.

I had achieved a respectable level with my druid by being able to get the advanced travel form shortly after it was implemented in the game. Made me proud :)

My alt. A female blood elf survival (+800 agility at level 70) hunter and her trusted pet, Wolfie. I also had a mage, but I didn't level her up. Advanced gaming makes it practical to keep at least one character in a big city to do trade and bank functions for the other characters.

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gigglebunny said...

wow ya really did seem addicted!!! my charater is a 72 blood elf hunter, and yes im addicted! i have my BF to blame for that!
thx for sharing