Friday, April 22, 2005

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The beginning of the twentieth century defines luxury with simplicity. I tried to individualize this elegance by mixing some modern details. Like Samurai Champloo. Couldn´t think of a bag so a Patlabor lunchbox was the solution.

I just watched the Patlabor OVAs. I didn´t like it that much, but I believe it was very important to watch it. Released in 1988, it was probably one of the first animes to try to place the giant robot genre in a real world situation. From the initial six episodes, you can see the first steps of director Mamoru Oshii towards his dense political science-fiction world as seen in his later works like Ghost in the Shell and Jin Roh. Maybe I´m crazy, but I also can see major influences on 1995´s Evangelion.

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