Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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This time I tried thicker eyebrows. Just like in reality, they make a lot of difference. On Hey Arnold! the two "tough" girls of the series, Helga and Patty, have each a single extended thick eyebrow that gives them a mean look. Do people with thick eyebrows look meaner?

Last post I asked two friends what they thought of high heels. I was feeling guilty of drawing yesterday´s post in high heels because my common sense understands that it must be a painful experience for women. Even though being extremely thin, Zilmara told me that being elegant is painful. Camila, who´s also very thin, wears them because of her job. The impression I got is that she became accustomed, but she also told me she loves her All Star shoes.

I value being comfortable a lot. I only have boots because I hate when my socks get wet. Last month I attended a wedding wearing my converse sneakers. My brother was pissed off and the groom even joked asking my brother, "who the hell is this punk?" That´s why today´s post wears platform sandals, Zilmara´s favorite footwear type.

Thanks once again to PJ Harvey. The drawing is based on a photo of the CD booklet of her latest album Uh Huh Her.

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