Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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I was blown away when fliti sent me the link with Kristen´s Sketch Blog. Simple and brilliant. As you might notice she is the inspiration of this blog (yes, I´m an unoriginal bastard). Unlike her, I have no idea of how to color (or draw). I used to paint with watercolor and oil paint in school but my complete inability of using a brush traumatized me. I also have no idea of how to choose colors. That´s why my excuse is to say that grayscale is more "romantic".

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I don´t smoke. Don´t even want to. Hey now, check your change. Addictions are expensive and I´m a cheap bastard. But the act of smoking is very cool looking.


R.T.Inoue said...

From Kristen´s Sketch Blog:

rti9 said...

I made you a sketch. Hope one day I´ll be as good as you.
1:19 AM

She replied...

rti9: Wow, I love it! Thank you sooo much! (I usually look like a complete dork in that hat but you made me look so cool in it!) YaY! :D Thank you for brightening my day! I really enjoyed your sketchblog, I adore the umbrella girl from April 7th I've been wanting to get the "Fruits Book" for sometime now. Thank you again for that lovely drawing!
3:36 AM


Anonymous said...

Ok...Ive been trying for years to draw the way you do! HELP!

Anonymous said...

Ive been trying for years to draw the way you do! Its amazing work!