Wednesday, April 20, 2005

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Daria´s look updated.

MTV helped create breakthrough cartoons that reshaped American animation. Liquid Television (91), Beavis and Butthead (93), Aeon Flux (95), The Maxx (95), and Daria (97) stand as some of the most original animated TV shows ever made. It also gave a big help to other equally important works such as Nickelodeon´s Ren & Stimpy (91) and Comedy Central´s South Park (97). It was a time when MTV still aired videoclips, remember? Unfortunately this phase is long gone. The plague of reality TV and hundreds of idiot shows infest this completely sold-out network. Don´t turn the TV on. It´s a sick sad world.

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Anonymous said...

me encantaron tus dibujos, mi novio se identificaria mucho contigo, solo tengo una pregunta de donde eres? Soy de Mexico y tengo 17 años. adios

I love your draws, my boyfriend would be very identifided with you, i have only one question: where are you from? Im from Mexico and I'm 17 years old. c ya