Sunday, April 17, 2005

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It´s official. I´m currently obsessed about bags. But they are so pretty and useful...

Ozzy Osbourne said that if you want to look different today, don´t tattoo yourself. It´s pathetic to see all these kids doing tattoos and piercings just to show their friends how "wild" and "crazy" they are. I can only see the loss of lots of potential blood donors for crappy reasons.

Without the tattoo the illustration would look too prêt-à-porter. This tattoo comes from Yu Yu Hakusho´s character, Hiei. A couple days ago, I was asking a friend if he still liked this anime. He said that he liked it because it is connected to his childhood. This is the typical answer I get from almost every so called "otaku" (someone who thinks he´s an anime fanatic). When I was a teenager, YYH was one of the first animes I ever watched. Since I had very little to compare to, I liked it very much. I`ve grown. I´ve watched lots of other titles. Then I rewatched one episode at Cartoon Network when I returned from Japan. I couldn´t bear the whole episode. My thoughts were "was it always like this?" or "how could I stand these dialogues?" Nostalgia is an important feeling but dangerous when it becomes pure escapism.

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